So Why Teach Yoga?

You love yoga, and you know you want to teach it. Great! Sign up here


Maybe you’re just intrigued and you’re not sure how it fits into your greater plan. Here are a few reasons why teaching Yoga is a great skill to have:

For Active Duty Military Members

We have heard many times from service members who have taken our (the founders) individual classes that they wish someone in their squadron/battalion knew how to teach it so they could do it more often…well this way you can!

Teach Yoga PT and build self-improvement and unit cohesion skills. 

Share yoga while deployed to promote greater morale, well-being, and resiliency. 

Help share the benefits of yoga with your fellow military brothers and sisters to build greater mental, physical, and spiritual health and resilience to help maintain longer and healthier careers and transitions. 

For Military Spouses

Teach yoga wherever you are stationed around the world!

MYCAA can pay for your training!

You can teach at fitness centers on base, studios, and centers off post, or take it wherever you want it to go! Our training will discuss business options and ideas for yoga teachers. 

Yoga is also a great way to maintain your own well-being and resilience through what can be stressful and difficult times.

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