Yes! Let’s do this! Before you get started there is a non-refundable application fee of $25 for E-6 and below or $40 for everyone else*. This fee is deducted from the cost of tuition. If you are unable to attend the current term, your fee can be used towards another training**. Below is a list of questions you will need to answer in your application. Typing your answers in a document then copying and pasting it over into the application is easiest. 

For these questions, you can substitute meditation or mindfulness for “yoga” if asana is not what you currently practice.

How long have you been practicing yoga and what does your current practice look like?

What have you learned through your yoga practice, or what does your yoga practice do for you?

Why do you want to become a yoga teacher?

How has your experience in the military been shaped by your yoga practice?

How do you want to contribute to the military community through yoga?

*You may be asked to email a copy of your government ID to verify your affiliation.

**For as long as PTSYA is offering trainings, up to 5 years from application date.

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Stay Informed

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